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Script writing

We work on our own unique model of dynamic script writing where we take three broad approaches:

  • Creative scripting - where we ensure the content is as engaging to the relevant student demographic as it can be.
  • Production focussed scripting - where we ensure the scripts contain full production notes and ideas, bringing in contemporary recording techniques and a detailed understanding of the technical production process.
  • Budget focussed scripting - where we look at creative ways of pushing the extent of the scripting within the confines of the production budget.
  • ELT scripting - where we ensure the content is appropriate for age and territory and language is correctly graded.

We often find that the focus is skewed too far towards ELT scripting, and in our experience it’s more than possible to keep the strong pedagogical strands that you get from focussed ELT writing, whilst also ensuring that the scripts are appropriately designed for the production and crammed full of creative and engaging content to have huge appeal to the target demographic.

We have extensive experience in preparing scripts for global territories and understand the care that must be taken for more conservative emerging markets.

Scripting and storytelling is at the heart of everything we produce, as a great story told in the right way can bring any learning experience to life. We incorporate exciting narratives, comedy, conflict, tension, drama and authentic spoken discourse as tools to engage a global audience. Scripting in an imaginative way can have a transformatory effect on ELT listening materials, which we’ve spoken about at IATEFL, and we strongly believe that a great ELT script doesn’t have to simply be a means to model and examine target language, but with a bit of thought and imagination can be so much more.

We have been scripting audio and video content for over 20 years. Prior to founding Creative Listening, James worked on scripts for a number of commercial audio tours, mostly notably The Guardian and Time Out’s promotional and interactive tours for the Warner Bros films ‘Sweeney Todd’ and ‘Sherlock Holmes’. He was also the scriptwriter and producer behind the critically acclaimed

Luke studied theatre, directing and radio drama at Kent University and has been scripting ever since. When he became an EFL teacher he immediately recognised the need for more dynamic script writing and media production in the materials he was using. It was at this point that James and Luke began their work together, creating ‘London Language Experience’ where they wrote and produced a number of cinematic and informative audio tours for English language learners around central London with an associated coursebook of lessons for teachers to use in and outside of the classroom. Later the two brothers founded Creative Listening and began to script and produce video alongside their audio work for the ELT publishing sector.

Writing projects of note include: scripting, full production and teaching materials of the two most downloaded resources in One Stop English’s history - the audio play adventures: ‘A Ghost’s Guide To London’ and ‘Time To Travel’. We wrote and produced an audio adventure mystery series for Cambridge English called ‘Virtually Anywhere’ which has had, to date, over 200,000 streams, not including downloads.

Our video scripting work includes the ELT sitcom: ‘Cafe Hub’ - the main video strand to Macmillan Education’s ‘Language Hub’ - a six level adult course. A business English situational drama for Excedo(Nikkei and The Financial Times), and the talking head interviews for ‘Look’ - a Primary coursebook from National Geographic Learning.